Hobby Lobby: a Blow for Liberty and Freedom

Yesterday the Supreme Court of United States decided the Hobby Lobby case.

The court ruled that “closely held” companies can use religious objections to avoid covering contraception in employee health benefit plans. The court decided the case essentially based upon the employer’s “right” to the “free exercise of its religion”. Opponents of the case object that “employers should not deprive employees of preventive health care.”

Unfortunately the law is now a real mess. Creating or changing laws based upon “religious freedom” means that no one will really know until a case winds its way through the courts (taking years and costing a ton) what the law means. This decision will lead to all sorts of litigation over such issues as:

  1. Is this a “real” religion
  2. Are the purported beliefs “firmly held”
  3. What if the employer’s religion object to blood transfusions, antidepressants or the like?

This was totally unnecessary.

What the court should have said is this:

  1. An employer is FREE to make a job offering to the public if it feels that it needs additional employees.
  2. That employer is FREE to set the terms of engagement-What wages it will pay-What days and hours you’re expected to work-What benefits (If any) it will offer-What uniform may be required, etc
  3. Anyone who is looking for a job is FREE to apply for the job. They’re also FREE to not apply for the job.
  4. If a job seeker does not like the (1) wages, (2) hours they are expected to work, (3) benefits being offered by the employer or (4) anything else about the job that is being offered then that job seeker is FREE to look elsewhere for a job or start their own business.

There you go: Total Freedom to decide, using your own mind, what is best for YOU. No government intervention necessary. No rights violated. No one has prevented you from acting in your own interest. No ambiguity. No litigation.


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2 Responses to Hobby Lobby: a Blow for Liberty and Freedom

  • Unfortunately, with the passage of ObamaCare, upheld by the esteemed Supreme Court, certain health care benefits are now mandated to be provided by all insurance companies, irrespective of whether or not the worker needs or even wants them! eg, pediatric dental coverage and maternity care for someone like me, who needs neither! Insane….

  • Why is it patronizing? I’ve yet to hear a reasoned argument against the proposition that you should be free to work for whoever you want, on terms that you and the employer agree to. Liberty means that you are free to use your own mind to make decisions. Each individual is responsible for their own happiness…

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