Ivy League School or Not?

It’s summer. High school seniors have just graduated. Rising seniors are thinking about where they will be applying for college.

First, congrats if you got good grades, excelled, maybe got an “advanced” diploma. Your clearly understand the value of work.


Here’s an interesting article about “the best” schools in America and it raises a very important question: Does where you go to college really matter all that much over the your next 50 years?

I’ll give you my thoughts. From a “dad to 9″, several of whom have been “launched” into the work work world.

It’s a shame kids and their parents are being mislead about the “value” of higher education, particularly when it comes to competing to get into the “best” schools. There are a couple HUGE secrets to success that I have observed are common to many very successful people:

(1) who you hang out with as you are the average of your 5 best friends – sometimes you just have to find new friends

(2) how curious you are about the world around you – successful people are “forever learners”, they read, study and ask questions so that they can form their own “philosophy” of life;

(3) they value the virtue of work but are always on the lookout for how they could work smarter

(4) they tend to be good communicators (not Tweeters) – can you pick up social cues? Can you make the folks around you comfortable to be around you? Can you communicate an idea and, through persuasion, (not force) convince people to follow your ideas?

These are some of the KEYS to success – not whether you earned an IB diploma went to an Ivy League school. If anyone doubt this then I suggest careful study of the richest, most successful people in America. Hunt them down. Find out “where” they came from. See how hard they worked.

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