Former Baseball Players Suing for Minor League Pay “Violations” – How Silly

Here we go again. Like the cheerleaders suing the Buffalo Bills, now we have former minor league baseball players claiming they were underpaid and seeking to use the force of the government to get something for nothing.

Here’s the argument made by former baseball player (and now lawyer) Garret Broshuis:

  1. I played professional baseball in the minor leagues
  2. Even though I knew the deal going in (long days, bus rides to far flung cities, low pay) and was freely willing to take that deal instead of using my gifts and talents on a better paying, easier job, I’m now going to go back in time and sue for back wages.
  3. We only got paid between $1,100 – $2,150 per month when we were playing.
  4. We don’t get paid overtime
  5. Major League Baseball owes some sort of “obligation” to pay more.

Here’s the essence of the story from the Wall Street Journal

Early in the 2009 season, Mr. Broshis said he realized he was unlikely to make it as a major-league pitcher, so while in law school he started researching ways to boost pay and decided on a lawsuit

These “you don’t pay me enough” lawsuits are crazy. If you don’t like your employment conditions then work someplace else OR make yourself more valuable to  your employer. That is what liberty is all about: your freedom to act in the manner that you believe is most beneficial to you, without your use of force against another.

Successful people make their own lives.


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